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Our Story

Ash and Mike met some 20 years ago working for a local marquee company, now they are business partners running their own successful marquee company, Tents N Events Ltd. Now with more marquees and tents than you can shake a king-pole at and a warehouse brimming with all the equipment you would need, they have established themselves as the go-to company for weddings and events.

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The Team

Rob - Site & Client Manager

Mike - Operations Manager

Holly - Site & Client Manager

Ash - Business Development


Ash has been working within the marquee and event industry for over 20 years. Starting when he was 17, he has worked throughout the country at hundreds of venues, erecting thousands of marquees of all shapes and sizes.


Working for several companies over this period has provided him with a vast experience of various situations, events, locations and teams. This wealth of knowledge is now driving Tents N Events to the forefront of the wedding and event industry within Sussex and neighbouring counties.


This expertise and experience was expanded further when Ash became involved in the Arundel Festival, which attracts thousands of people to a host of activities within the area. As Chairman of this annual event, he developed his skills and range of contacts even further, all of which he can bring to the table when advising and assisting our clients.


This really shows that he has a passion for events, whatever form they take, embracing them with enthusiasm, confidence and above all commitment.


He brings this attitude and aptitude to every wedding and event that Tents N Events are involved in.


Having gained experience within this environment some 20 years ago, Mike has expanded his skill set in several sectors over recent years and has valuable knowledge of the drinks and entertainment industry. 

This expertise is now employed in listening to and advising clients, ensuring that their individual requirements are met and their expectations exceeded. From initial site visits to actively managing the construction teams, Mike provides professional assurance and a pivotal point of contact to guarantee the success of the event.


His attention to detail is second to none and this maintains the high standards that Tents N Events has become known for.

Recently Mike has invested much of his time in the technical electrical aspect of events, with the start-up of Toddy Power Generators, making him the go-to-man for any power requirements needed.

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Tents N Events boasts a highly skilled skilled and experienced team, with most of them having worked for us over a number of years. 
They work together to achieve the high standards we set in every aspect of our business, taking great pride in the finishing touches and details at all bookings - often surpassing our client’s expectations. 

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