There are lots of ways to personalise your marquee and we have put together a list of what we can offer, from different chair and table options through to lighting and decor. 


We have switched to a lighter-coloured 'Pebble' matting, which accentuates the contrasting hues of our traditional style trestle tables, chivari and crossback chairs.  This new new matting has a tighter herringbone weave to provide a smoother, more stylish finish to the traditional coir matting.


To create the ultimate party vibe it is incredibly important to create the right ambience with your marquee lighting. Whether inside or out, we have a wide range of lighting options including; fairy lights, festoon lighting, globe lighting, uplighters, coloured floodlights and chandeliers. 


We can arrange and co-ordinate Luxury Loos, Generators and Chiller Trailers making sure they are all on-site and in the correct location at the right time , so you can concentrate on the preparations for your big day.

In addition to the marquees we offer:

  • Herringbone Pebble Flooring

    Photo: © Justine Claire Photography

  • Dancefloors

    Photo: © Justine Claire Photography

  • Staging

    Photo: © Charlie Wearing Photography
  • Round Tables

    Photo: © Tents N Events

  • Trestle Tables

    Photo: © Amy Sanders Photography

  • Top Tables

    Photo: © Velvet Storm Photography

  • Handmade Trestle Tables

    Photo: © Amy Sanders Photography

  • Limewash Chivari Chairs

    Photo: © George Gunn Photography

  • Beechwood Chairs

    Photo: © Justine Claire Photography

  • Crossback Chairs

    Photo: © Susie Evans Photography

  • Bars

    Photo: © Tents N Events

  • Uplighting

    Photo: © Photography by Bond

  • Floodlighting

    Photo: © Photography by Bond

  • Festoon Lighting

    Photo: © Megan McAdam Photography

  • Fairy Lighting

    Photo: © Amy Sanders hotography

  • Pathways

    Photo: © Velvet Storm hotography

  • Heating, Generators & Power

    Photo: © George Gunn Photography

  • Luxury Toilet Units 'Posh Loos'

    Photo: © Tents N Events

  • Chiller Trailers & Shower Units

    Photo: © O E E H

  • Entrance Porches

    Photo: © Tents N Events

  • Styling

    Photo: © Photography by Bond


Styling and theming are key elements to any wedding. From table decorations and bunting to lanterns and outdoor games. 

For more wedding styling inspiration please visit Hire Your Day

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