‘Here are some questions that our clients often ask us’. 

‘How much does it cost to hire a marquee?’ 
Most of our marquees are modular in design. This means that, depending on the style, they can be used in various lengths to fit/suit the desired venue. As such, the price can be outlined to the customer on a ‘bay-by-bay’ basis. On our ‘Clear-span’ marquees this is in 10 foot (3m) lengths and on our ‘Pole tents’ it is either in 15 foot (4.5m) or 20 ft (6m) increments. So depending on the amount of people that you need to entertain or seat, we can let you know the minimum and maximum size of tent that would be needed to accommodate your event. 

‘So the next question is likely to be ‘How big a marquee do I need?’ 
This depends on what kind of event you are catering for and what budget you have allocated to ‘The Big Day’. We can never be too sure what the weather will have in store for us, so we recommend catering for the worst to enable all guests to shelter and the festivities can go ahead as planned. We can provide a guide on size and layout appropriate to your numbers. 

‘What sort of marquee do I need?’ 
This depends on the individual occasion and venue, something which we would advise on during our site visits. These are free (no obligation) consultations to help you best plan for your particular event. We have various styles of marquee in a range of sizes, to suit your needs. For those who have not finalised a venue, we can still meet to discuss, which could include recommending one of our ‘working with’ venues. 

‘How to book a marquee’ 
We will always visit the site where the marquee will be positioned to discuss set-up, layout and orientation. 
Once you are ready to go ahead, we ask for a 20% deposit to secure the date and marquee. 
We always try to arrange for you to see one of our marquees, set up at either one of our Open Days or at another event. 
We ask you to please read and complete our
terms and conditions through our website. 
We always try and allow you to see one of our marquees up too, this could be at our open day or another set up. Most couples will have seen another marquee from the previous year so are very welcoming when it comes to us showing other couples around their marquee at a convenient time. 

At Tents N Events we pride ourselves on our friendly approach and proven track record for outstanding customer service. 

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