Terms & Conditions

Please read our Terms & Conditions, complete the booking form at the bottom of this page, before signing that you agree and will adhere to the requirements.

(a)  A deposit, the amount of which will be specified by the Company, is required with a signed copy of the Hire Contract, from the Hirer.
(b)  Payment NET on receipt of invoice.
(c)  Payment strictly NET on receipt of invoice, 7 days prior to event date.
(d)  If a cheque which has been presented to us in payment for hire is returned by the bank, a fee will be charged.

Unless stated otherwise in writing, all orders are accepted by the Company, subject to the acceptance by the Hirer of these Terms and Conditions of Hire, and that the Hirer is deemed to have acknowledged this fact.

(a)  Liability to Third Parties. The Company will not be responsible for and the Hirer will indemnify the Company against all claims for injury to persons or loss or damage to property howsoever caused unless it be proved that such injury or damage by faulty material or workmanship or negligence on part of the Company.
(b)  All orders accepted or contracts entered into are contingent upon freedom from all liability for non fulfilment or delay due to War, Strikes, Lock Out, Civil Commotion, Riots, Force Majeure, Breakages, Fire, Government Control on Priority Regulations, Scarcity of Materials or Labour Difficulties, or other causes beyond our control.

(a)  The Hirer is responsible for the safe custody of hired equipment from the time of delivery until final collection is made by our staff. A charge will be levied for cleaning or repair as necessary for all equipment not collected from site or returned in the same condition as hired.
(b)  The hire charges do not include making good or repair of damage to site.
(c)  The Company cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for any damage caused to underground pipes, drains and cables the position of which has not been clearly marked on the ground.
(d)  All internal furniture that is set-up in the marquee, is not to be moved outside. Damage charges will occur.
(a)  The Hirer agrees not to attempt to erect, dismantle, alter or interfere in anyway with the Company’s property except by prior agreement with the Company.
(b)  The Company will do it’s upmost to comply with the Hirer’s wishes wherever preference as to delivery, erection or removal dates are requested but regret we cannot guarantee in advance that equipment will be delivered, erected or removed on a specified day.
(c)  Where no preference is stated, the Company will deliver, erect or remove equipment at its discretion.
(d)  Intended delivery and collection dates are available from the Company’s office 5 days prior to the date of hire.
(e)  During high season (May - September) demand for Marquees and Associated Equipment may deem it necessary to remove hired Marquee(s) and Associated Equipment the day after the Hire Date(s). Should this be necessary at least 3 days notice of intention will be given.
(f)  In the absence of a plan or Hirers representative at site location, the Company will erect the Marquee(s) and Associated Equipment in a position thought to be suitable, and it shall be deemed that the Company has completed its contract.
(g)  A surcharge will be levied for waiting time on site due to restriction of access or for delay in erecting marquee.
(h) the hirer agrees to ascertain the location of any underground services before installation of the marquee and inform us accordingly

(a)  In the event of cancellation at anytime, the deposit will be forfeited.
(b)  In the event of the Hirer deciding to cancel the Hire Contract after paying the deposit requested, the following charges will apply in addition to the deposit being forfeited.
On termination by the Hirer within: 

14 days of the Hire Date  100% of total paid
Within14-28 days of Hire Date 50% of total paid
Less than 8 weeks before Hire Date 20% of total paid

(a)  Quoted prices are for erecting Marquees on grass with reasonable access to the site for vehicles.
(b)  A surcharge may be necessary for erecting Marquees on Concrete, Tarmac or Hard Core based sites, or if access is unduly restricted or a long carry be necessary.
(c)  Erection on Concrete, Tarmac or Hard Core based sites will only be undertaken after prior arrangement.
(d)  Quoted prices are for a single day Hire Charge.
(e)  Quoted prices do include the setting up of tables and chairs, only on day of set up. 
(f)  Quoted prices, where delivery only is required, are for ground level deliveries only.
(g)  Hirer to ensure goods are fit for purpose.

(a)  Hirers are advised that, in the interest of public safety, in the event of very high winds and storm conditions, any action deemed necessary will be taken by Company Personnel. No reduction in charges will apply.
(b)  Our Marquees must be regarded as temporary covers only and therefore, to a certain degree, may not safeguard fully against extreme weather conditions.